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Angelic Earrings

Angelic Earrings

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The Angelic earrings are a beautiful eye-catcher. Their curved shape reminds me of the beauty of angels. Angels are seen as guardians, messengers and protectors.

Properties of gemstones

Purple Haze: Amethyst

  • cleanses body & soul
  • helps with concentration, grief & sadness as well as migraines & headaches
  • protects against nightmares

Fire Stone: Carnelian the Stone of Life

  • gives courage, energy & positive mood
  • attracts passion, love & romance
  • helps in solving problems


The earrings are 316L stainless steel & the wire is made of 925 sterling silver or 14k gold filled.


The earrings have an outer diameter of 1.3cm and the pendants are 2cm long.


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