The story behind RubyCherry

The philosophy

RubyCherry's goal is to inspire women and men from everywhere. With our unique jewelry we convey a feeling of self-confidence and beauty. We want to help every customer to realize their potential and to recognize how unique their beauty is. Our jewelry is characterized by its unique, special and, above all, colorful style.

With jewelry you can make every occasion, every outfit and every day special. Some pieces of jewelry can also serve as a lucky charm and help you get through difficult times.



I'm Jessi, 23 years old & the founder behind RubyCherry. Since I was a little girl, I've liked everything that allows me to develop creatively. Even back then, I made my own bracelets out of beads, which are back in fashion today. My love for unique & special jewelry developed into my own jewelry label RubyCherry at the beginning of 2022. The name is inspired by my favorite color & my favorite fruit.