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Gaia's Garden Bangle

Gaia's Garden Bangle

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With the Gaia's Garden bracelet you become your own goddess.
In Greek mythology, the goddess Gaia is called Mother Earth. She stands for fertility and motherhood. She reflects life.

Properties of gemstones

Sunshine: Sunstone

  • is attributed to the god Horus
  • known for personal power
  • brings joy, lightness, harmony & carries the concentrated power of the sun
  • promotes optimistic attitude & defeats depression
  • lets you strengthen your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • gives happiness, joy & provides more energy
  • harmonizes perfectly with the moonstone


The bangle is made of 14k gold filled wire.


The bangle has an inner diameter of 8cm, but can be adjusted larger or smaller.
Fits upper and lower arm.




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