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Dragon Heart Bracelet

Dragon Heart Bracelet

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The Dragon Heart bracelet is a unique piece of jewelry and an absolute eye-catcher.

The dragon is a truly graceful creature and has various meanings attributed to it.

Power & Strength

Because of its destructive abilities, the dragon is seen as a symbol of raw power. This is associated with power and strength.

Wisdom & Protection

Dragons are also often seen as protectors, especially for those who cannot protect themselves. They are also considered wise and all-knowing creatures.


The dragon is considered a lucky charm in many cultures. Legends say that dragons have the power to bestow good luck on those they deem worthy.

Properties of gemstones

Dragon Blood: Dragon Blood Jasper

  • gives better perception, strength & power
  • helps with stress, setting goals and achieving them
  • brings peace & supports creativity
  • attracts love & money

Shadow: Black Agate

  • Symbol of luck & wealth
  • freed from anger
  • promotes love & gives the courage to start anew
  • keeps negative energies away


The chain is made of 316L stainless steel and the pendant is made of 304L stainless steel.


The bracelet is available in two sizes: 18cm plus 3cm extension chain and 20cm plus 3cm extension chain.

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