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Fenrir Bracelet

Fenrir Bracelet

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Fenrir is the first son of the god Loki. From the first day of his birth, the gods feared the wolf. It is said that when the wolf opened his mouth, his lower jaw touched the earth & his upper jaw touched the sky. His eyes were filled with eternal fire & his fur was as black as night.
The wolf symbolizes the darkness, the shadow & the wild side in us. The wolf's nature is said to be bold, intelligent & stamina.

Show your strength & power with the Fenrir bracelet.

Properties of gemstones

Space Dream: Sodalite

  • gives endurance, courage & self-confidence
  • ensures clarity & sincerity
  • helps to pursue goals
  • promotes inspiration & creativity

Shadows: Black Agate

  • Symbol of luck & wealth
  • freed from anger
  • promotes love & gives the courage to start anew
  • keeps negative energies away


The bracelet and pendant are made of 316L stainless steel.


The bracelet is available in two sizes: 18cm plus 3cm extension chain & 20cm plus 3cm extension chain.


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