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Paradise Bracelet

Paradise Bracelet

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Get lost in paradise with this cute bracelet.

Properties of gemstones

Purple Haze: Amethyst

  • cleanses body & soul
  • helps with concentration, grief & sadness as well as migraines & headaches
  • protects against bad nightmares

Raspberry: Ruby

  • gives vitality, devotion & determination
  • has a vitalizing & dynamic effect
  • promotes sensitivity in relationships
  • Protective stone in love, as well as against evil

Rose Dust: Rose Quartz Stone of Love

  • opens the heart
  • gives love, romance & the feeling of spiritual connection
  • increases self-confidence
  • heals wounds & a broken heart

Ocean Breath: Amazonite

  • gives joy of life, patience & vitality
  • helps to cope with grief & inner conflict
  • has a balancing and soothing effect

Black Diamond: Black Tourmaline

  • strong protective stone against negative energies
  • protects against negative thoughts & influences
  • helps against stress, resentment and mistrust
  • frees the soul
  • gives more self-confidence & enables you to focus on your own wishes & goals


The bracelet is made of 316L stainless steel and 14K gold filled wire.


The bracelet is available in sizes 17cm - 19cm.



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